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what makes our toilet rolls eco-friendly

  • made with 100% bamboo

    the fastest growing plant on the planet sourced from FSC certified bamboo forests. We even test each batch to ensure each roll is 100% bamboo and no trees are used.

  • right sized rolls

    by reducing the inner cores and having 10cm2 sheets we can fit more in a box reducing the carbon footprint of transportation

  • delivered plastic free

    you won't find any plastic in our deliveries, even our tape is made with Kraft paper and plant based glues.

  • organic & biodegradable

    Our delivery boxes are fully recyclable and compostable, plus our loo rolls have no chemical nasties so you won't be flushing any plastics or nasty chemicals.

our impact

every sheet helps rewild Britain

With each square of tissue you buy from us, we’re pledged to rewilding double that area in nature.

So, if you buy 48 rolls, that’s 144m^2 of the British countryside that you’re helping to restore.


  • tonnes of plastic

    we've saved from entering circulation

  • trees we've planted

    in partnership with Eden Reforestation

  • % more oxygen

    bamboo generates 35% more oxygen compared to trees

  • tonnes of CO2

    bamboo absorbes 12 tonnes of CO2 per hectare annually

helping to plant over 209k trees

Before we started rewilding, we planted 209,744 trees with Eden Reforestation Projects who employ local villagers economically impacted by deforestation, providing an opportunity to earn income while restoring the forests that have been destroyed. 


do I need to sign up for a subscription

No, you can buy all of our products as a one-time order, but if you create a subscription order, you will save 5% off all future deliveries of 100% bamboo products. Plus you can skip or cancel anytime

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