Tree-Free, Plastic-Free, 100% Bamboo Tissue

Buy One Plant One - for every box that you purchase we plant a tree on your behalf.  We've planted over 149,000 trees so far, help us reach our goal of planting 250,000 by the end of the year.

luxury bamboo toilet tissue - 48 extra long rolls
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unbleached brown natural toilet roll
luxury bamboo toilet tissue - 24 extra long rolls (wrapper free)
Brown unwhitened toilet roll
100% natural bamboo facial tissues - 12 boxes (unwhitened)
100% Bamboo Toilet & Kitchen Mixed Box - 40 Pack with Wrappers
100% Bamboo Toilet & Kitchen Mixed Box - 20 Pack with Wrappers
100% Bamboo Toilet, Kitchen & Face Mixed Box - 44 Pack with Wrappers
100% Bamboo Toilet, Kitchen & Face Mixed Box - 22 Pack with Wrappers

Make a change today with bumboo and switch from traditional toilet paper to more eco toilet paper made from 100% bamboo.

Each roll is made with 3-ply toilet paper and contains no nasty chemicals making bumboo one of the best toilet rolls for those with sensitive skin.

Unlike traditional toilet roll brands, bumboo's mission is to help counteract the negative impacts of deforestation. That is why we plant a tree with Eden Reforestation projects for every box of loo roll that you order.

Our hassle-free subscription service or one-time ordering means that you can buy your toilet paper online with free delivery, whether you want regular top-ups with our 24 packs or for those who like to bulk-buy toilet rolls with our 48 pack.

Choose from one of 3 options, beautifully wrapped toilet rolls with our sophisticated bumboo prints, naked toilet rolls without wrappers or our 100% natural unbleached toilet paper.

Our loo rolls are completely plastic-free, and they are delivered in a fully compostable box made with recycled cardboard using natural inks made from plant dyes, making bumboo the perfect choice for those looking to switch to ethical toilet paper.