At Bumboo, we're not just passionate about creating planet friendly products; we're committed to transparency and trust. That's why we conduct detailed fibre tests on every batch of our products. We want you to see exactly what you're getting and feel confident about the choices you're making with us. Which is why you'll find all of our test results below.

fibre testing

Our products undergo rigorous scrutiny through independent third-party lab testing. This ensures that what you get meets the highest standards of quality and safety, verified by experts outside of Bumboo.

01/02/2024: SGS USA Fibre Inspection Report
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01/02/2024: Test Tech UK Fibre Inspection Report
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31/01/2024: SGS USA Fibre Inspection Report
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19/12/2023: Fibre Inspection Report
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17/10/2022: Fibre Inspection Report
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from bamboo to box

Every part of what we do at Bumboo is about spreading a little more goodness in the world, not just with our products but in how we make them too. From the bamboo we choose to the way we manufacture each product, we make sure it's all done with the utmost care for our planet and people. We're all about keeping things natural and making sure everyone involved is treated fairly, because for us, making a positive difference every step of the way is what really matters.


    Vegan certified

    We're excited to be certified by the Vegan Society! This means everything we make is 100% animal-friendly – no animal products or testing, ever. This certification is more than just a stamp; it’s our way of showing that we’re serious about compassion and making choices that feel good for everyone involved.

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    We're proud to say that our full range of bumboo products is FSC® certified.

    This means that all of the bamboo pulp used to make our products is sourced from managed forests that preserve biological diversity and support the lives of local people and workers.

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    PFA free

    Certified by TUV testing. Unlike many other toilet roll brands, we make sure our products are PFA-free because nobody wants those tricky PFAs lingering around. They’re not great for our health or the planet. So, we’re all about keeping them out of our products.

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    protecting workers rights

    It is important to bumboo that all workers are protected throughout the supply chain, which is why our productions partners maintain a safe working environment and healthy working conditions in line with the Business Social Compliance Initiative.

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    ISO standards

    ISO standards are internationally recognised standards, covering a wide range of aspects, from manufacturing processes and material sourcing to waste management and energy use. By aligning with partners who adhere to these rigorous standards, we ensure that every step in the production of our products meets global best practices for sustainability and ethical responsibility.

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  • Living Wage

    Bumboo has paid over the living wage since it was founded in 2018. In March 2023 we received our accreditation through the Living Wage Foundation. The living wage is voluntarily paid by over 14,000 employers in the UK and is an important part of creating a fairer society. 

bumboo bamboo toilet paper b corp

we're B Corp

We are delighted to share that Bumboo is now a certified B Corp! This certification reflects our commitment to the highest social and environmental standards. Over the past 18 months, our entire business has been scrutinised, and we’re proud to have excelled in our B Corp score. But the journey doesn’t stop here. We are already planning improvements to enhance our impact, aiming to reflect this progress when we re-certify in three years. By choosing Bumboo, you’re joining a movement dedicated to creating a better future.