why bamboo?

100% bamboo toilet paper

When we looked into alternatives to virgin wood (tree) pulp based toilet tissue, we found that recycled paper was the most widely available option. Whilst the environmental merits of recycled paper were clear, there was no escaping the fact that the overall quality and softness of the paper was inferior, due to the reduced integrity of the fibres following the recycling process. (Hence why virgin pulp has remained such a popular choice for toilet tissue). The process for recycled toilet paper can also be fairly chemically intensive with de-inking agents and potentially the remnants of print chemicals such as BPA, so we felt that recycled paper was not necessarily always the best option. 

Whilst researching alternative fibres, it became clear that bamboo had a lot to offer, both in its own right, and as a sustainable alternative to virgin and recycled wood pulp based papers with less environmental impact.