we're excited to announce a milestone that's close to our hearts...

...Bumboo's very first Impact Report. This report isn't just pages filled with data; it's a reflection of our shared journey. It's about the steps we've taken, the challenges we've overcome, and our commitment to keep improving.

reflecting on a transformative year

This past year has been one of growth, learning, and making meaningful strides in our mission. From reaching more customers, to partnering with Eden Reforestation to plant thousands of trees, we've been busy! But a pivotal moment for us was recognising the need to enhance how we test our bamboo pulp—highlighting the importance of constant vigilance and improvement.

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upping our transparency game

Discovering that a small number of our products didn't fully meet our 100% bamboo standard was an eye-opener for us. It's important to note that the vast majority of our range was unaffected, but we take any deviation from our high standards seriously. This prompted us to strengthen our approach to quality assurance. We've now implemented comprehensive third-party testing for every product batch. This upgrade in our process ensures that all our bamboo is sustainably sourced and that every item we offer lives up to the high expectations you have for us. Through this report, we aim to offer a clear view of our proactive steps towards even greater transparency, underlining our commitment to doing right by our customers and the planet.

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why we're sharing this with you

Our first Impact Report is about being open and honest with you, our community. We want to celebrate our successes, acknowledge where we can do better, and share our plans for the future. From reducing our carbon footprint to enhancing product biodegradability, this report lays out where we're headed.

We're on the path to becoming a B Corp by mid-2024. This effort spans across improving governance, enhancing transparency, and promoting employee wellbeing, demonstrating our commitment to not just doing business, but doing it right.In parallel, we're embarking on a partnership with Rewilding Britain to support biodiversity and tackle climate change through rewilding projects. We're also setting ambitious targets to minimise our carbon footprint, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2025. Behind the scenes, we're focused on refining our practices and expanding our reach, ensuring Bumboo remains at the forefront of sustainable and ethical business.Thank you for being a vital part of Bumboo's story. Together, we're making small choices every day that made a big difference for our planet and future generations.If you have any questions or thoughts, we'd love to hear.

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