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He’s not your run-of-the-mill CEO. He's a bit like a kid in a candy store when it comes to new ideas, with about fifty of them zipping around at any given moment. But there's a common thread in all of Rob's ventures—they're all about making a positive impact.

In 2018, Rob had a lightbulb moment when he realised the toll that traditional toilet paper took on our forests. Fuelled by his boundless energy and a hefty dose of optimism, he began to lay the groundwork for Bumboo.

Enter, Lewis, the genius of product development. Together they packed their bags for China, not to tick off tourist spots, but to get down to the nitty-gritty of sustainable bamboo and ethical production practices.

Now, if you're imagining a collection of glossy photos documenting their factory visits, think again. In true Rob and Lewis fashion, they got so engrossed in their research and discussions about bamboo's potential that they forgot to take a single picture. Much to the bemusement of our marketing team, they returned with loads of stories and ideas but not a single photo of them "in action" at the factories- so much for those ‘throwback Thursday’ posts!

But what they did bring back was far more valuable—the foundation for Bumboo. They discovered the incredible speed at which bamboo grows, its minimal need for water, and that it doesn't just thrive without pesticides but also has natural antibacterial properties. It was the perfect material for creating eco-friendly, soft, and strong toilet paper. Perfect for crafting the kind of toilet paper that does right by the earth.

Rob’s idea took shape: to offer a sustainable alternative to traditional toilet paper, aiming to reduce deforestation and change how we use everyday products.

Bumboo, built on the simple idea that even basic choices can protect the planet, has evolved with Rob, Lewis, and the team pushing boundaries and innovating. With B Corp certification, we continue making a positive impact.

And Rob's tendency to forget to document moments? It’s a charming part of Bumboo’s history, reminding us that being present in the journey is invaluable.

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