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our story

The seed for Bumboo was sown over coffee and Sunday papers, inspired by an article about global deforestation. Learning about the scale of destruction of ancient forests around the world for the sake of meeting global toilet tissue demand, and the wide-ranging impact this has had on our planet and people to date, we felt inspired to explore the alternatives and most importantly to take action.

our vision

Our vision is to see a world where forests are abundant and protected.

our mission

To turn our vision into a reality, we've made our mission to get the world to stop cutting down trees by shifting household habits to tree-free products.

We believe that as the world looks for easy ways to become more sustainable, everyday products such as household paper based products will be the first to go.

So make the switch today with Bumboo.

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sustainable living

Have you ever stopped to think about your daily rituals and the impact they might have on the world around us? Toilet tissue is a household commodity easily taken for granted, yet the environmental impact of its production to date has been catastrophic for our ancient forests, which form an essential part of our global ecosystem.

We wanted to create a sustainable alternative to tree based toilet tissue that supports, and encourages us to live in greater harmony with, the environment.

providing a tree-free alternative

Our eco-friendly toilet paper rolls are made from 100% super-soft bamboo, one of the world’s fastest growing plants, offering an eco-friendly, rapidly renewable alternative to trees. Our packaging is thoughtfully designed and 100% plastic-free (even the tape we use to seal our cartons is plastic free, made with kraft paper and plant based adhesive, reinforced with glass fibres).

We believe that sustainability, luxury and beauty can go hand in hand, and when a product is mindfully created with love, attention to detail and positive intentions for the environment, we naturally value it more and respect the precious resources with which it was made.

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why bamboo

Having already tried several brands of recycled toilet tissue and found the overall quality lacking (understandably, due to the compromised integrity of recycled fibres), the conversation moved to alternative virgin fibres (for their fibre integrity = softness), and our journey into the miraculous world of bamboo began.

Learning about the numerous environmental merits of bamboo, the case for switching to bamboo was clear, and we saw how we could create a business that offered a truly sustainable alternative to tree based tissue and enabled us to use business as a force for good.

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149402 trees planted to date

Join us on our mission to plant 500,000 trees by end of 2023

giving back to the forests

To help support our vision and mission, we wanted to help give back to they planet too. So we created the ‘buy one plant one’ initiative in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

For every product that is purchased from bumboo, we will plant a tree on your behalf.

Eden Reforestation Projects are a charity that employ local villagers to plant trees, the forests are able to regenerate, and support and nourish the local community once again, thus the cycle of interdependence is restored. 

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meet the team

If you would like to get in touch with a member of our team, please email us at wecare@bumboo.eco

Rob Ingram

CEO & Co-founder

Fay Pottinger


Philip Owen


Gavin Trimble

Head of Digital

Chloe Green

Head of Marketing

Lewis Plowman

Head of Product Design

Huw James

Supply Chain

Miranda Howard

Customer Service