Frequently asked questions


Where does the raw bamboo come from?

Where is bumboo made? If it's made overseas, how is it transported to the UK and do you offset the carbon emissions?

What is your packaging made from?

Is your product and packaging completely plastic free?

Why are your toilet rolls individually wrapped?

Is bumboo suitable for sensitive skin?

Is bumboo tissue bleached?

Are your products vegan?

Is bumboo paper suitable for septic tanks and composting toilets?

Is bumboo toilet paper suitable for saniflo and other mechanically discharged waste systems?

How does the price compare to other brands?

Ordering and subscription service

How much does a pack of bumboo cost?

How often will you deliver?

Where can I view my orders?

When is my next delivery?

What if I forget my login details?

Can I change my regular delivery?


Do you charge for delivery?

How long will my delivery take?

Payment Security

Is my payment to bumboo secure?

How does the subscription work if no bank details are saved by bumboo?

Does bumboo save your passwords?

I have received a message from Apple about my password with bumboo - what should i do?