wrapped mixed fibre variety box
face, toilet & kitchen 33 pack

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This box contains


27 x wrapped toilet rolls
  • Extra long, 3-ply rolls with 300 sheets/ 30 metres per roll (to reduce inner core wastage and transport-related carbon emissions)
3 x wrapped kitchen rolls 
  • Double-ply rolls with 100 sheets per roll
3 x facial tissues
  • Unwhitened & unbleached – retaining its natural fibre colour and eliminating one step in the traditional toilet paper manufacturing process, to reduce environmental impact.
All of these products are:
  • Super soft on skin and naturally hypoallergenic
  • The toilet and kitchen rolls are made with a bamboo and tree fibre mix, while the facial tissues are made with 100% bamboo.
  • 100% plastic-free packaging
  • FSC® certified
  • Certified PFA Free - recognised by Fidra
  • Double-ply rolls with 100 sheets per roll
  • Free from pesticides and fertilisers, scents and dyes, and tissue dust
  • Fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging, printed using soy-based inks
  • FREE standard UK delivery
  • Please see our FAQs for more detailed information 

wrapped mixed fibre variety box - face, toilet & kitchen 33 pack - Gift


sustainably sourced

All Bumboo products use bamboo that is sourced from managed forests that preserve biological diversty and support the lives of local people and workers.

205,696 trees planted

We plant a tree for every box that you order with Eden Reforestation Projects. This is done by employing local villagers whose livelihoods have been devastated by deforestation.

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Is Bumboo toilet paper suitable for septic tanks and composting toilets?

Yes, all of our toilet paper is thoroughly tested for disintegration, so it is suitable for use with both these systems.

Is Bumboo suitable for sensitive skin

Yes! Our bamboo toilet tissue has the benefit of being naturally super soft, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so it’s great for all skin types, and doesn’t need any chemical enhancers such as softening additives, chemical scents or dyes. It’s also free from any of the chemicals associated with recycled paper, such as de-inking agents and BPA. 

Is your toilet roll chemical-free?

Bumboo is certified by FIDRA for being PFA free, which means that we have no forever chemicals in our products.

Our white paper is bleached using a mix of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, in a process that is totally chlorine free  (TCF), and is generally considered one of the most environmentally safe ways to bleach paper.

We now also offer unwhitened options, for those wishing to minimize their environmental impact further.

Is your packaging plastic free?

Yes! Being plastic free is very important to us, and has been an integral part of our mission from the outset. We studied many packaging options, including so-called environmentally friendly plastic options such as oxy-degradable plastic. However, given the unrealistic conditions needed for such plastics to degrade, we felt that paper was the most environmentally sound choice. We also took care to ensure that no plastic was present in our packaging tape, opting to use a kraft paper based eco packaging tape reinforced with glass fibres.

Our paper wraps are made from FSC certified paper and printed with soybean based inks. Our cartons are made from recycled paper and printed with soybean inks. All packaging is fully recyclable and compostable (although we would always encourage you to reuse packaging as much as possible before choosing one of these options.)