Why are traditional toilet rolls & kitchen rolls packaged in plastic?

Why is there plastic packaging on toilet roll

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best packaging material. Is it strong? Is it protective? Is it cost-effective? But most important of all, is it sustainable? For the most part, plastic is used to package loo rolls & kitchen rolls simply because it is cheap. 

Plastic packaging is also durable. Packaging which lasts is beneficial to a point... how long it lasts is the problem. It can take hundreds of years for plastic to degrade, if at all. Sadly, it is not uncommon to find plastic floating in our lakes, ponds, and rivers, and we suppose we do not need to mention how much ends up in our oceans.  

It was important to us that we found an environmentally friendly (plastic-free) alternative to package our products, which is why we chose to make our cartons from recycled paper. They are not only super strong and protective but fully recyclable and compostable.  

We chose to individually wrap our toilet rolls in FSC-certified paper as we felt this offered an extra layer of protection during transportation and storage. Individually wrapped rolls use less paper in weight than multiple loo rolls in a large paper package – who knew! After a brief time, we chose to offer a wrapper-free option too, as we came to learn that there was no negative impact on paper quality during storage or transportation either way.  

We are proud to say that all bumboo products & packaging are 100% plastic free - right down to the tape used to seal our cartons!  

Ultimately, plastic packaging is just very affordable for businesses unfortunately, our planet continues to pay the heavier price.

Image: Naja Bertolt Jensen

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