Can you recycle kitchen rolls?

Can you recycle kitchen rolls

The answer to this question feels like a no-brainer, right? Wrong! It’s quite a common misconception that kitchen rolls can be recycled. If you weren’t aware, items placed in the recycling must be washed thoroughly, and free of any left-over foodstuffs. Unused kitchen roll can be recycled however, it’s not recommended, as once the material has been broken down at the recycling facility, the fibres become much shorter, resulting in a loss of quality. Plus, no one is discarding unused kitchen towels!   

Some local authorities will allow you to place a few sheets in the food or green waste bin, as long as the paper has only been used to clear up food waste – please no oil spills though! This also applies to your personal compost bin. We recommend shredding the kitchen towel where possible, as it will biodegrade much quicker. Kitchen towel that has been in contact with chemicals, oil, or anything nasty (!) should be discarded in the general waste bin.   

Bamboo, virgin wood, and recycled kitchen towel are all compostable however, bamboo will break down much faster.  

The cardboard tube is recyclable and compostable. However, we love to find useful ways to incorporate the tubes into craft projects – We’ll be sure to share some ideas with you, so please check back soon!  

And, as a bonus, our kitchen towels are bulk-packed in fully biodegradable, recyclable & compostable packaging!    

We chose bamboo to create our kitchen rolls as not only are we super passionate about the wonderful benefits of bamboo but, around 27,000 trees are cut down every day to make toilet rolls. This makes us very sad. Bumboo's vision is to see a world where forests are abundant and protected. Our mission is to get the world to stop cutting down trees by shifting household habits to tree-free products! 

Small changes can make a huge difference.

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