the big shift to rewilding with bumboo

Starting this April, every time you buy something from Bumboo, we'll donate to Rewilding causes. So, with every purchase, not only are you choosing a product that is made from materials that are kind to our planet's resources, you’ll be helping revive whole ecosystems, from bees to beavers.

We’re super excited about the potential of rewilding. Amazingly, not only does rewilding help capture greenhouse gas emissions, it’s a game-changer for bringing back native species. It really is a big leap towards a healthier, more resilient planet.

what does rewilding look like?

Rewilding is a powerful strategy to heal our planet. It’s all about restoring natural processes and, in some cases, reintroducing species that were once native to our landscapes. This approach has a domino effect of benefits: increasing biodiversity, improving soil health, enhancing water retention, and even helping to combat climate change by naturally sequestering carbon. And rewilding heals the land at an amazing speed.

real-life success stories

Take the Knepp Estate in West Sussex, for example. What started as an intensive farm has transformed into a sprawling mosaic of habitats teeming with life. Here, the reintroduction of free-roaming grazing animals has kickstarted natural processes that have led to an explosion of biodiversity. Rare species like the nightingale and purple emperor butterfly are making comebacks, showing us the power of letting nature lead the way. 

Then there's the ambitious project in the Scottish Highlands, where the rewilding efforts include restoring native woodland and peatlands, crucial for carbon capture and biodiversity. The return of keystone species, such as beavers, has demonstrated significant benefits for water management and ecosystem health, proving that rewilding can create thriving landscapes resilient to environmental changes.

By supporting rewilding, every Bumboo purchase contributes to these kinds of transformative projects. It's not just about conserving nature; it’s about actively rebuilding and enhancing it. And the best part? We're helping to create a legacy of rich, diverse ecosystems for future generations to enjoy, right here in the UK. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

how it works

For every single square of tissue you buy from us, we’re committed to rewilding double that area in nature. So, if you buy a box of 48 rolls, that’s 288m² of land that you’re helping to restore.

Pretty cool, right? We think so too. It’s all about making every purchase count for something bigger.

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