Who invented toilet paper?

Who invented toilet paper?

The Chinese Imperial Court of the Han Dynasty were the first recorded to have created toilet paper in the year 851 AD; this was made from silk and tree bark and reserved for use by Emperors and their families.

The use of ordinary paper had been documented many years before this. Around 589 AD, Chinese Scholar official Yan Zhitui wrote, “Paper on which there are quotations or commentaries from the Five Classics or name of sages, I dare not use for toilet purposes”. A far cry from the soft & luxurious (bumboo) toilet paper we are accustomed to, but effective, nonetheless.

The very first commercial toilet paper was invented in the mid-1800s by Joseph Gayetty. Immensely proud of this invention (naturally), each sheet would brand his initials. A thousand sheets would set you back a dollar – quite expensive for the times considering this would have been almost a day’s wage for many.

Before the invention of toilet paper and for those not wealthy enough to afford the luxury, an innovative approach was undertaken, including but not limited to - grass, leaves, moss, water, snow, sand, stones, shells, wool, lace, fruit skins, corncobs, a sponge on a stick, a rope overboard (for those at sea) and so much more! The creativity through necessity was practically limitless.

How fortunate we are to have accessible, affordable, gentle toilet paper! No more foraging for wiping materials – and what’s more, with bumboo, we deliver right to your door.

Over the recent years there has been a lot of innovation in toilet tissues with more sustainable options available on the market, such as toilet paper that is made from 100% bamboo.

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