PFA’s – Forever Chemicals

PFA’s – Forever Chemicals

PFA’s (Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances), or ‘forever chemicals’, are a group of 4,700 industrial chemicals which are used in everyday products. PFA’s stand out as the most enduring synthetic chemicals known, displaying minimal degradation in the natural environment. Recently, there have been reports indicating the presence of PFA's in numerous toilet paper products. PFAS frequently serve as lubricants in manufacturing processes, with certain chemicals commonly remaining on or within consumer goods. Companies may lack awareness regarding the presence of PFA’s, as it could originate from the manufacturer of the instruments they use.

PFA’s are used in various consumer goods due to their ability to repel water and grease. These include items such as:

• Electronics
• Textiles
• Cosmetics
• Non-stick cookware
• Cardboard and paper food packaging
• PFA’s are also used in fire-fighting foam.

PFAS exhibit resistance to environmental degradation and possess high water mobility. Consequently, upon release into the environment, whether through manufacturing processes or leaching from consumer products, PFAS tend to travel through water, maintaining their structural integrity for extended durations. This characteristic facilitates their long-distance transportation. Notably, PFAS contamination has been identified worldwide, reaching even the most secluded regions like the Arctic. Furthermore, these substances have been identified in the blood and breastmilk of both human populations and wildlife on a global scale.
PFAS exhibit toxicity to both humans and wildlife. Among the extensively researched chemicals within this group, namely PFOA and PFOS, findings indicate that they:

• Disrupt the hormonal system, earning them the classification of endocrine disruptors.
• Disrupt the reproductive system and fetal development.
• Affect the immune system, potentially leading to reduced vaccine responses in children.
• Contribute to the development of specific cancers, such as kidney and testicular cancer.

We are proud to say that all Bumboo paper products have been certified PFA-FREE, ensuring our commitment to preserving the environment, wildlife, and the well-being of people! Our toilet paper, kitchen towel, and facial tissues are also free from de-inking agents, formaldehyde, and BPA (associated with recycled paper products). They are free from pesticides, fertilisers, scents, dyes. They’re naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal too. 

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Photo Credit: Hans Reniers @ Unsplash

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