Do paper towels have a shelf life?

Do paper towels have a shelf life?

Paper towels typically do not come with a designated expiration date, especially when stored in a cool, dry place. However, when exposed to damp and humid environments, their absorbency may diminish over time. It is advisable to keep paper towels in a clean, dry area to preserve their quality. Utilizing an airtight container can be effective in preventing moisture and potential deterioration.

While there is not a strict expiry date for paper towels, it is a good habit to inspect them for any signs of mould, damage, or discoloration before use. As long as the paper towels look to be in good condition, they should be suitable for use, even if they have been stored for an extended period.

Our paper towels come readily wrapped in their own protective FSC certified paper wrappers; the outer layer of paper acting as a barrier, helping to shield the paper towels from direct exposure to moisture in the air and dust particles, should you wish to keep your paper towels on display. We also offer a wrapper-free option for those keeping their paper towels stored away, in a cool, dry place.

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