Is cheap toilet roll as good as expensive toilet roll?

Is cheap toilet roll as good as expensive toilet roll?

The extensive array of toilet paper available can make the decision-making process overwhelming, especially if you are not particularly enthusiastic about toilet paper! From bamboo to recycled, virgin wood to mixed, thick, thin, soft, rough, strong, quilted, white, unwhitened... the list is (almost) endless. Of course, cost is an important factor too, and so, is cheap toilet roll as good as expensive toilet roll?

Cheaper toilet paper is often thinner, less absorbent, and not as luxurious compared to its more expensive alternatives. The inferior quality often results in the need for more paper during use, diminishing its overall value. Cheaper toilet paper brands often utilize virgin wood and are packaged in single-use plastics and so it is important to consider environmental impact and sustainability when making your choice. The more expensive toilet paper brands tend to focus on providing a softer and more luxurious feel, as well as better absorbency. The durability of the paper typically results in less usage per use too, contributing to its overall value. It’s crucial to examine the product specifications, as these vary greatly and impact cost.

Bumboo toilet paper, unwrapped or unwhitened, costs only 29p per 100 sheets (even less with a subscription!) Our rolls are crafted entirely from bamboo, it is vegan, devoid of plastic, dust, and chemicals. Each roll boasts an extended length, providing 300 sheets or 30 meters of soft, 3-ply toilet tissue. Our range includes both white and unwhitened options, available with or without wrappers, catering to everyone's preferences! 

It is worth trying different brands and types to find the toilet paper that best suits your preferences and needs. Additionally, consider factors such as environmental impact and sustainability when making your choice, as these aspects can vary among different brands and products.

Photo credit: Vlada Karpovich @ Pexels


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