a nature lover's paradise

Rewilding turns landscapes into vibrant habitats teeming with wildlife. Picture watching rare birds, beavers building dams, or even the majestic lynx prowling in its natural habitat. These unique encounters attract nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, and photographers from all over.

adventure awaits

Rewilded areas offer exciting eco-tourism activities. Think guided wildlife tours, peaceful hikes through restored forests, or canoeing down a rewilded river. Staying in eco-lodges or treehouses adds a touch of adventure and a deep connection with nature.

boosting local economies

Tourists bring money into local communities by staying in lodges, dining at local restaurants, and buying local products. This economic boost helps create jobs and supports small businesses, making rural and coastal areas thrive.

sustainable travel

Eco-tourism in rewilded areas emphasises sustainability. Tour operators and accommodations often follow eco-friendly practices, ensuring that the natural beauty is preserved for future generations. Plus, many travellers today prefer destinations that care for the environment.


Visitors to rewilded areas also get a chance to learn. Guided tours and educational programs teach about the importance of biodiversity and conservation. This knowledge can inspire more people to support rewilding efforts.

Supporting rewilding is a win-win: it helps restore our planet and creates amazing eco-tourism opportunities. So, why not support these initiatives and enjoy the natural wonders they bring?

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