What happens if you use paper towels as toilet paper?

What happens if you use paper towels as toilet paper?

It is quite widely known that flushing paper towels is not recommended - Despite their visual resemblance to toilet tissue, effective absorbency, and shared material composition with toilet paper, it's important to understand why using kitchen towels as a substitute for toilet paper should be avoided.

Kitchen towels and toilet paper serve distinct purposes, and substituting one for the other can lead to adverse outcomes. Kitchen paper was specifically engineered without consideration for flushing; its primary function is to remain intact when exposed to liquids, enabling efficient spill clean-up. Consequently, it tends to be less prone to disintegration when flushed down the toilet. Therefore, flushing paper towels can lead to plumbing issues which can be costly to repair.

Kitchen paper also tends to be more abrasive than toilet paper, which is designed to be gentle on sensitive areas. Using kitchen roll instead of toilet paper may cause some discomfort and irritation.

To avoid these issues, it's a good idea to always keep an adequate supply of toilet paper in your bathroom – Our bulk toilet paper packages offer a convenient way to maintain your supply, and with our subscription service, you can guarantee you'll never experience a shortage again!


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