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Further to our previous communication with our customers on 21st Feb 2024, and public posts online from 1st March 2024, we thought it would be useful to share some more information on the timeline of events post finding that a small number of our products fell outside of our 100% bamboo standards.

We acted quickly to fix the problem so it cannot happen again. We took full accountability, told our customers and chose to post about our experience publicly online.  I am really proud of our response as a team and feel we upheld our values at every step.  

timeline of events

To provide some context, here is a timeline of the actions we took: 

  • 26th Jan – We found a deviation outside of our 100% bamboo standard via a test carried out in the UK 
  • 31st Jan – We tested with SGS USA. This test confirmed the next batch was back to our 100% Bamboo fibre standard
  • 2nd Feb – 5th Feb – Independent testing house Test Tech UK and SGS USA confirmed our latest product batch contained 100% bamboo (results can be viewed on our website here) 
  • 5th Feb – 20th Feb – We undertook analysis to understand which customers had bought impacted stock. Controls and testing schedule were defined and implemented for every batch of new production. Our website was updated to provide full transparency. Processes were created to allow customers alternative options.  
  • 21st Feb – We started announcing the findings to our customers via email 
  • 1st-3rd Mar – We posted publicly on our website here and here 
  • 13th Mar – Posted publicly on LinkedIn here. 

All our 3rd party testing is published on our website here 

The support from our customers has been overwhelming. This incident has reinforced that while trust is fragile, honesty fosters loyalty and solidifies our brand's integrity more than ever. 

If you have any questions, or comments, I would love to hear. Drop me an email at rob@bumboo.eco 


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