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every sheet helps rewild Britain

For every single square of tissue you buy from us, we’re committed to rewilding double that area in nature.

So, if you buy a box of 48 rolls, that’s 144m^2 of the British countryside that you’re helping to restore.


made with 100% bamboo, delivered plastic free

Our products are sourced from FSC certified bamboo forests, and reduce your environmental footprint even further we deliver using boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard that is and recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Our tape is made made with kraft paper and plant-based adhesives.


no bleach, scents, BPAs or nasty chemicals

We test every batch, so we know what is in our rolls. All of our rolls are PFAS free and free from de-inking agents, formaldehyde and BPA associated with the paper recycling process and elemental chlorine free


helping to plant over 209k trees

Before we started rewilding, we planted 209,744 trees with Eden Reforestation Projects who employ local villagers economically impacted by deforestation, providing an opportunity to earn income while restoring the forests that have been destroyed. 


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Nope! You can make a one-time purchase, but subscribing saves you 5% on all future bamboo product deliveries. You can skip or cancel anytime.

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