We're on a roll to plant 100,000 trees by the end of the year!

We're on a roll to plant 100,000 trees by the end of the year!

At Bumboo we are on a roll to plant more trees, and we also want to do our bit to help our customers live that little bit more sustainably. Not only do we plan to introduce as many people as possible to eco-friendly, tree-free toilet rolls, but we also want to make it easy for others to pro-actively contribute and make a difference too. With your help, we can do just that. Throughout the month of November, we want to work together to achieve our reforestation goal of planting 100,000 trees by the end of the year, enabling us to give back to this amazing planet. How? Well, with every Bumboo box purchased, we will plant not one, but TWO trees! We have currently planted 85,541 trees and counting and have proudly partnered with the fantastic non-profit NGO Eden Reforestation Projects. 


The Eden Reforestation projects 

Through our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, we aim to have a positive impact on the planet and give-back to communities that have been hard-hit by deforestation. Eden have set up projects across sites in Haiti, Nepal, Madagascar, Indonesia, Kenya, Brazil, Nicaragua and Mozambique, where not only are they supporting the planet through reforestation, but also crucially supporting individuals within these affected communities to rebuild their lives and restore their local environment. Eden Reforestation Projects plant millions of trees every month, making it one of the world's most successful reforestation initiatives in the world. 

Eden's work dates back to 2005, to their first project in a rural Ethiopian village, where for the villagers, every day was a huge struggle to survive following years of famine, drought, and depletion of natural resources. Through this project, Eden Reforestation Projects conceived their ‘employ to plant’ methodology, something that has since employed thousands of people across the world, making a positive impact on many local communities, the environment, wildlife, and ecosystems. 

At Bumboo, thanks to the wonderful support of our customers, we have planted 85,541 trees to date, and we are hoping to reach our goal of 100,000 before 2022.  So not only do you have peace of mind this Winter with the knowledge you have toilet roll to spare, but you can make your toilet roll work even harder, supporting both the regeneration and recovery of our beautiful planet and alleviation of extreme poverty at the same time.  

Eden Reforestation Projects


Why Bumboo?  

As humans, we are creatures of comfort, so making changes are not always easy. There is also sometimes a misconception that switching to an eco-toilet paper brand means a compromise on quality and comfort, but this does not have to be the case!   

At Bumboo, we set out to create a super soft, premium quality tree free toilet paper comparable to leading mainstream tree-based papers. Our paper is made with 100% rapidly renewable bamboo rather than trees, with a mission to encourage ourselves and others to live more sustainably.  

Bamboo itself has some fantastic game-changing elements, including being both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, as well as hypo-allergenic. In addition, bamboo repairs soil damaged from overgrazing and poor agricultural practices, removes heavy metals and toxins from the soil, brings water to the surface, and holds the soil together. Bamboo absorbs as much as 12 tonnes of CO2 per hectare per year, making it an important planet stabilizer. And finally, it requires very few nutrients to grow so it thrives in depleted soil, making it a viable solution to some of the problems associated with deforestation.  

If you’re running low on toilet rolls and need to stock up, now is a great time to do so, making your loo roll purchase work twice as hard with our double tree planting promotion. See our full range here: https://www.bumboo.eco/collections/bamboo-toilet-roll. 

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