Kenyans granted tree-planting holiday

Kenyans granted tree-planting holiday

A unique holiday has been designated for Kenyans, focusing on the planting of 100 million trees, aligning with the government's goal of planting 15 billion trees over the next decade. This concerted effort is a strategic response to combat climate change, recognizing the vital role trees play in mitigating global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, thereby promoting environmental sustainability.

To support this nationwide endeavor, the government is ensuring the availability of approximately 150 million seedlings in public nurseries. These seedlings are distributed free of charge at forest agency centers for planting in specified public areas. Furthermore, Kenyans are encouraged to acquire at least two seedlings for planting on their private properties.

President William Ruto led the tree-planting initiative in Makueni, located in the eastern part of the country. Cabinet ministers have been deployed to various regions to spearhead the process, collaborating with county governors and other officials.

Near the origin of Kenya's second-longest river, Athi, a gathering took place where numerous individuals, including soldiers and residents with their families, participated in the tree-planting initiative. This concerted effort reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship and underscores the significance of collective action in addressing climate change.

As the nation unites in this monumental tree-planting endeavor, the collective efforts of Kenyans stand as a powerful testament to their commitment to environmental stewardship. With each seedling planted, they sow the seeds of a greener, more sustainable future. May this shared dedication to nurturing the earth serve as a lasting legacy, inspiring generations to come.

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Photo by Syahrin Seth on Unsplash

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