Does bamboo toilet paper block drains?

Does bamboo toilet paper block drains?

There has been some concern surrounding bamboo-based toilet paper’s ability to disintegrate effectively, which can be troubling for those wanting to switch to a sustainable toilet paper. Bamboo fibres are similar to tree-based fibres, so it is a misconception that bamboo causes blockages.

Bumboo’s bamboo toilet paper is designed to break down easily when flushed and is 100% biodegradable. Bamboo fibres are typically shorter, making them more biodegradable than traditional tree-based papers. The fibres are also strong, which means it will not fall apart during use, however, still breaks down wonderfully when flushed - making it the perfect material for toilet paper!

The variety of toilet paper that is not so great for your drains is the thicker ‘plush’ or ‘quilted’ options which tend to be tree-based. This type of TP may have trouble breaking down and cause some much unwanted plumbing issues!

A great way to see how well your loo roll breaks down is with a simple jar test. Fill a jar with water, ¾ full, and place in a few sheets of your preferred paper. Attach the lid and shake the jar 10 times (this imitates a toilet flushing). With Bumboo toilet paper, you will see that it breaks down into tiny pieces very quickly.

As is the case with all toilet paper, it is important to use a reasonable amount per flush to prevent potential clogs. Additionally, if your plumbing is prone to blockages or has narrow pipes, it’s advisable to exercise caution and avoid excessive use of any type of toilet paper to minimise the risk of clogging.

Toilet paper labelled as ‘septic tank friendly’ generally has the best disintegration qualities. Some septic tanks only take 1-2 ply papers; our loo rolls are 3-ply, and can be used with septic tanks, as long as a 3-ply paper is deemed suitable according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We have worked hard to create a toilet paper with excellent disintegration properties which is also soft, strong, and extra-long! Do not just take our word for it, our 4-roll trial pack is great way to find out if Bumboo is right for you!


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