what is TAPPI testing?

TAPPI testing is a rigorous and comprehensive set of procedures developed by the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI). These tests help us to meticulously analyse and verify the quality of our paper goods. Let's delve into the specifics of how TAPPI testing is integral to our commitment to transparency.

understanding TAPPI Testing

TAPPI testing encompasses various methods designed to evaluate the physical properties of pulp and paper materials. These standardised tests are essential for us to ensure our products are not only effective but also created from materials that use our planet's resources wisely.

a rigorous testing process

Our process for ensuring the quality of our products through TAPPI testing involves several detailed steps:

Preparation and Analytical Phases:

  • Sample Disintegration: a small sample of the product, typically about 0.05 grams is taken, which is then dispersed in de-ionized water. This dispersion occurs at room temperature using a standard lab disintegrator, which is designed to separate the fibres gently without causing damage.

  • Slide Preparation: The fibres are evenly spread on heated microscope slides, where they are allowed to dry. A specific stain (Graf-C) is then applied, which assists in distinguishing between various types of fibres under a microscope.

Microscopic Examination:

  • Fibre Differentiation: Using a microscope, different fibres are identified by their reaction to the Graf-C stain, categorising them into mechanical and chemical fibres, as well as differentiating between hardwood and softwood species.

  • Vessel and Tracheid Identification: The number of vessels (for hardwoods) and tracheids (for softwoods and other plants) are counted to pinpoint the wood genus or species, crucial for verifying the source material such as bamboo used in our products.

Quality Assurance and Control:

After testing, a Quality Assurance team carefully reviews all data. Any batch that does not meet our stringent standards is not approved for sale until it meets all necessary criteria. This step is crucial as it ensures every product you receive is of the highest quality.

our promise to you

By implementing thorough TAPPI testing procedures, we guarantee that each product not only adheres to rigorous quality standards but also supports our commitment to using our planet's resources wisely. We aim to be transparent about our processes, giving you the confidence to trust in the products you choose and the knowledge that you are contributing positively to environmental conservation.

Thank you for supporting us. Every purchase helps us to continue creating products that you can feel good about — both for their quality and their impact on our planet. We hope this insight into our TAPPI testing process illustrates our unwavering dedication to delivering the best possible products while caring for our natural world.

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