Since launching in 2019, bumboo has achieved some major milestones with our amazing community by our side. But there is more we can do...

We invite you to invest and own a part of bumboo's future. 

We will be launching the crowdfunding very soon, but you can now pre-register for early access to invest so you don't miss the opportunity. 

3 reasons to invest

  • grow with us

    We have big plans; from going global, to developing more products.

  • shape our future

    Be part of a movement that helps to protect the world’s forests

  • restore the planet

    Be part of a movement that's helping to restore our planet

*Discount valid for one year

  • £1.6m

    2021 revenue

  • 184,000

    trees planted

  • 30,000

    Loyal customers

  • 80%

    returning customer rate

here's what our customers say about bumboo

grow with us

According to the Mintel report for household paper products in the UK, the market is worth £2.5 billion. Bumboo is perfectly positioned to provide this growing market with a sustainable alternative. 

The next phase for Bumboo involves taking bumboo global, becoming b-corp registered and developing more sustainable products. We invite you to invest and own a part of bumboo's future. We will be raising investment on the established platform, Crowdcube, where anyone caninvest from as little as £10.


why pre-register?

We chose to raise funds through Crowdcube because we want you, our community to be our shareholders. There will be a limit on the amount of investment we can accept, so pre-registering will get you early access to invest so you don't miss the opportunity.


why invest?

Since 2019 we have:

  • Grown annual revenue to £1.6m.
  • We have gained 30,000 loyal customers along the way.
  • Planted 133,000 trees " We believe that as more people understand the devastating effects tractional toilet paper has on our environment, every household will demand that their toilet paper is tree-free. This round of investment will allow us to lead the way and meet the needs of these households globally."

     - Rob CEO and Co-founder of Bumboo

our story

bumboo is the latest brand created by Root7 Platform. Root7 Platform creates brands that ‘do good for people and the planet'. 

The seed for bumboo was sown over coffee and Sunday papers. Inspired by an article about the destruction of ancient forests for the sake of meeting global toilet tissue demand, Rob and Fay felt inspired to explore the alternatives to traditional tree-based paper products.

3 years on, Rob and Fay have grown bumboo into the successful company it is today, serving 30,000 customers all while saving our forests.

Bumboo has achieved some major milestones to date, but there is more to do...

our future

Our vision is to see a world where forests are abundant and protected.

To turn our vision into a reality, we've made our mission to get the world to stop cutting down trees by shifting household habits to tree-free products.

We believe that as the world looks for easy ways to become more sustainable, everyday products such as household paper based products will be the first to go. Bumboo will be perfectly positioned to help these households make the switch. 

We’re fundraising to increase Bumboo’s reach in the UK, launch in the US, to become b-corp registered, and develop our eco friendly product range.

meet the team


Why are we crowdfunding?

It is important that we remain a company that serves its community, and what better way to do it than to have you involved in shaping our future. The next phase for bumboo involves reaching more customers, growing the team so that we can become b-corp registered and developing more sustainable products.

 To do this, we need your support. 

What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is a common way early growth stage companies (who are not listed on a stock market) raise investment. Anyone over the age of 18 can become a shareholder and own equity in that company. If the company grows in size as a result of the investment, its shares can become more valuable. Then, in a liquidity event such as a merger, company sale or IPO the shareholder can benefit from the investment. Please note there is the risk of the company decreasing in value and investors can lose some or all of their investment.

Are you raising through an online platform?

Yes, we will be raising through Crowdcube.

How can I found out more about growth plans and ask questions.

The Pitch Deck will be available on our Crowdcube page once live.

Who can invest?

Anyone over the age of 18 can invest.

How much can I invest?

You can invest from as little as £10 to £400,000!

What is the valuation of the business

We will provide details of the raise once you have registered your interest either via crowdcube or by joining our mailling list.

What is the connection between Root7 Platform and bumboo?

bumboo is the latest brand created by Root7 Platform. Root7 Platform was launched in 2010 to create brands that ‘do good for people and the planet'. 

Is the investment EIS eligible?

Generally the EIS or SEIS schemes are for companies under 7 years old. As Root7 Platform is an established company that has been running since 2010 it is not eligible for these schemes. 

What benefits do I get as a shareholder?

If you invest in us, it will be a long-term capital investment. We will use the funds to grow bumboo and in return, after a liquidity event such as an IPO of the company, or if the company is acquired by another company you may make a return on your investment. In addition to equity, we have also developed an exclusive rewards package to say thank you for joining us on our mission.

What happens after I invest?

Once we have reached our target, we will close the crowdfunding raise with crowdcube, meaning no further funding will be accepted. From here the the completion process starts. All investors will receive a copy of the Articles of Association via email and then electronic share certificates will be issued.

What exit prospects are there for investors?

There are a number of exit prospects for investors. One potential option is via Crowdcube secondary market. If there is buy and sell demand, Crowdcube will offer managed, company approved secondary events where shares can be sold. Another option is in the event of the successful sale of one or more brands from the Root7 platform, after a liquidity event such as an IPO of the company, or if the company is acquired by another company.

Are there any risks?

Investing in growing businesses involves risks and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Risks may include illiquidity, loss of capital, lack of dividends and dilution.