rewild your garden: build a log pile

log pile next to holly and galvanised pot

With years of experience as a successful Kitchen Gardener, Alex shares his top tips on how to build a log pile.



Insects are a vital food source for loads of species, including bats, fish and birds. If we encourage more insects in our gardens, the bigger species will follow. Here's how...

    1. Collect Dead Wood: It's a great idea to first use what you have from pruning or lopping in your own garden, and then see if friends or neighbours might have some to spare. If you're still in need, consider buying from a local tree surgeon, but remember to avoid taking wood from local woods to protect and respect natural habitats.
    2. Choosing the Location: Feel free to place your wood anywhere in the garden to attract diverse wildlife, with shady spots perfect for moss and fungi, and sunny areas ideal for drying the wood, making it a favourite for solitary bees and wasps.
    3. Arranging the WoodYou can either pile the wood in a haphazard manner for a rustic feel or stack it neatly- placing it near flowering borders is a great way to offer nectar to the wildlife.

    Did you know that a single blue tit chick needs to eat up to 100 caterpillars a day!

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