We're celebrating planting our first 553 trees!

We're delighted to share the news that we filed our first sales report with Eden Reforestation Projects earlier this month, and we’d like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to every single one of our customers for enabling us to plant 553 trees in areas affected by deforestation.
We considered working with a number of different tree planting organisations before we launched, and the main reason we chose Eden Reforestation Projects is the fact that their work isn’t just about planting trees or supporting the environment, but it acknowledges the bigger picture of interdependence between communities and their local environment.
Eden’s mission is to reduce extreme poverty within communities affected by the impact of deforestation, and this is done by employing local villagers to plant trees, thereby giving them an opportunity to earn an income to support their families whilst restoring forests and reducing the negative effects brought about by their destruction.
Eden currently has projects in Haiti, Nepal, Madagascar, Indonesia, Mozambique and Kenya, where the work they do is truly inspirational. We are thrilled to support this, and we fully recognise that we couldn’t do this without you, so once again, we THANK YOU!
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